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Over the last two years I have been developing a new blog and it has proved to be great fun and has had many views.  From today my blog will be continuing from my website:

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Luxe By Me at London Jewellery Week

On Tuesday 12Th June 2012, the Luxe By Me show is being launched at Chelsea Old Town Hall, from 11am until 9pm.  The show will be showing a variety of styles of jewellery, vintage, fashion and fine jewellery.  I will be showcasing a selection of designs in precious metals, and am looking forward to the show.

Silver jewellery

Etched pieces of jewellery

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A Very Festive Jubilee Day

Today has been an exciting day, I went to Chelsea to meet Ayshe Brandts the founder of Luxe By Me, a jewellery collective showcasing at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, on the 12Th June 2012, with a view to distribute information about the event in Chelsea.  Managed to do some marketing which was great.

Later while wandering through Chelsea both Ayshe and I came across a street party and decided to walk through and arrived to see Prince Andrew visiting followed by Princess Eugene and Princess Beatrice, I did manage to pass on a card to one of the entourage, which was great.

Later went to the riverside to wait for the Queen to go by and the many boats on the Thames.  There was a vibrant atmosphere, and there was a lot of anticipation as everyone waited for the boats to go pass.

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Made in Clerkenwell preview

Today during the setting up of the Made in Clerkenwell show I had the opportunity to have a look at the wonderful array of crafts. Here are a few photo’s showing the event which finishes on Sunday.

Come and see selected crafts people creating their pieces.

A great opportunity to see the making of craft pieces in the window at Crafts Central

Crafts Group

In the main entrance area is a lovely selection of crafts.

Creative display of flowers

Beautiful arrangement of flowers at Crafts Central

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Made in Clerkenwell 2012

Open studions

Summer open studio event

The Made in Clerkenwell event 2012 has come around once again and will be on from the 24Th until the 27Th May in conjunction with Clerkenwell design week, which is on from the 22Nd May until the 24Th May.  My studio space is on the first floor of the St Johns Square building number 17a.  If you can make it, it will be great to see you there.  I am set to be there on Friday and Sunday.  The launch night is on Thursday 24Th May from 5pm until 8pm.  Friday is late night shopping  from 12pm until 8pm.  On Saturday 26Th and Sunday 27Th the studios will be open from 12pm until 6pm.  Its a lovely event to visit and there will be lots of wonderful crafts to see.

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On a more serious note, World Earth Day

Yesterday was World Earth Day, a day to remember.  I had not heard of this before, however it really made me think about what I could be doing to save energy and to consider the environment.  There were a few articles that I read with great interest on the topic which has given me a greater insight to what has and is still happening in the world. One article in particular caught my attention, Why we are destroying the world by Robert Gifford.  Here are a few points that were discussed in the article.

There seems to be a continued over use of energy resources which is resulting in great damage to the world we live in.  Flying is more popular than ever, resulting in carbon dioxide in the air.  As individuals we can all cut back in our consumption of energy and this could have a positive impact on the world around us.  At the moment research is being done on why some people are continuing to over use nonrenewable resources, as the publicity surrounding the subject is not having an impact.  Fossil fuel, such as oil, produces green house gases and other pollutants and in certain countries the use of this is continuing to rise.   People could save energy in this area by considering the journeys that are taken, if it is a short trip in a car, are there other options, for example taking a bike or walking.  The world becoming over populated is considered to be another reason why some resources are becoming depleted.

On the internet I looked at some great information including: Huffpost, healthy living and Earth Day again by Pamela Cytrynbaum and there are many articles such as:

The 50 simple things that kids can do to save the planet


8 easy ways to start being green

There are simple steps that people can take which will help such as, energy efficient light bulbs, and turning down heating as well as reducing air conditioning.  Also remembering to turn off electrical items such as computers will help.

If there is an increased awareness on saving energy, the message will hopefully begin to come through, it is felt that currently not enough of the right information is getting through to people for them to make the right decisions regarding making those changes.

Some of the damage which is happening on the earth is, populations of certain types of fish are being lost.  Top soil is being eroded away, which is important for growing food.  Many species are becoming extinct and ice caps are melting at a very fast and furious rate.

It is great that there is an Earth Day to remind everyone of the importance of looking after the planet, and with continued publicity and education, the message will gain more importance in the societies that we all live in.

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Spring Summer Trends 2012

One of the things I enjoy doing is researching current and future trends in the world of fashion and design.  I have been looking at a few on line magazines to gain an overview of the trends for this season, Vogue on-line is great, and there are some beautiful styles which have been designed for the Summer.

There are two themes which hark back to former decades in the 20Th Century.  The 1920’s is one, and this trend follows through to Autumn Winter.  The Great Gatsby is being released in the Winter and the influence of the Jazz age has produced some lovely dresses with dropped waists and skull caps.  The Art Deco movement has also been a big influence.  Another key trend are clothes inspired by the 1950’s, sumptuous fabrics made into pretty prom dresses.  There is also an influence on waists with fitted skirts and kitten heels along with clutch bags.

Different cultures are also providing a rich source of ideas.  African prints form one of the trends, traditional patterns combine with the new and modern.  Animal prints are also a popular theme.  Indian paisley is also in fashion in brightly coloured patterns.

Rich patterns are in abundance, from pretty florals in an array of colours and in monochrome.  There are also prints inspired by ocean life, fish, shells and seahorses.  Other patterns include birds, fruit and strips are a classic choice.  Abstract prints and astrological patterns are also scattered around.

The British 2012 Olympics is another key trend and sport inspired clothing has been shown on the catwalk.  The fabrics look high tech and are very stylish in black and white.  There is also a surf theme which is in fashion.

Fabrics which are being used are smooth silks and fabrics which shimmer through to highly textured crocheted garments.  There is a wide choice of accessories available from arm ware, belts with neat square bags attached, thin belts, wide brimmed hats and mule styled foot ware.  Colours which adorn many of the clothes include, vivid pink, bright orange, lime green, canary yellow and aqua blue.  There are also lots of ice cream colours in mint green, lemon sorbet, and barely pink, white is also a popular choice.

This seasons trends are full of opposites, smooth fabrics against tactile.  Bright colours alongside black and white.  Clashing patterns with white.  The shapes and cut of the clothing is both beautiful and feminine and there is a lot of variety to chose from.

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Photo’s of jewellery

Here are some more photo’s of my jewellery which have been photographed on a black background.

Tapered linked chain